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UX/UI Design & Program

Home party interactive table for drinking games, putting or changing music and creating interaction between users by programming with processing coding language and hardware to control physical interfaces (fiducials, webcam).


Processing, TUIs with Fiducials, Illustrator, After Effects.


Design a digital table capable of interacting with its users by using 2 inputs (touchscreen and TUIs) and 3 outputs (tik tak toe game, music player and cup movement tracking animation).



The actions that take place around a table at a home party were studied as well as which games are the most popular ones. A modern aesthetic is chosen with fun neon colors and very defined geometries.


Cups Interaction:

The table identifies the glass that the user puts on its surface and creates particles around it. As you put more cups, a mesh is created which moves and follows the cups.

Flip Cup - Tic Tac Toe Game:

By turning a cup "upside down on the table" the game mode activates and the game board appears on the screen. The teams are divided according to the color of the cups. The game consists on putting the cup on the edge of the table and flip it with the finger until the cup it's facing down . When the table identifies the cup being flipped, it allows the user to put it in a square of the tic tac toe, and the first to put 3 on a diagonal, horizontal or vertical row wins.

Music Player:

By putting the music player control over the table, the name of the song that is playing will appear. Touch "previous" or "next" buttons in the screen to change the song or "pause" and "play".


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